We are so excited to meet you!

We founded Wolff’s Eye Photography because we love and have such a passion for capturing beautiful moments in peoples lives.

Being a couple ourselves, we absolutely love capturing moments for other couples and loved ones. Be it a simple couples shoot, to an extravagant engagement and wedding, or a magical and intimate maternity shoot. We love bringing out the emotion between loved ones.

We work so well together, this being because of the two elements we bring to each photoshoot.

Donovan, being a more technical orientated man brings in the high quality and those high end stunning shots that everyone wants in their photoshoots. 

Chérie, being the emotional driven woman in the team who searches and finds those loving and emotional moments between the loved ones.

We strive to allow people to fall in love with photos again, not be ashamed or scared of them. They are so important to have in your life for yourself and your loved ones and even your brand or business.