"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

Everyday is a new day, with endless memories at our reach
One second we are young and carefree on the beach
We lose track of the time, the days, the moments
The next we are older looking back seeking fulfillment
Sometimes all we have left is a photograph
The only thing left to see and feel their laugh
But don’t worry it’s not all sad and depressed
Photographs also remind us why we are beyond blessed
A bride on her way, the tears in the grooms eyes
A baby’s first smile, oh how time flies
The love that is captured in a timeless frame
The type of love that can drive you insane
But one that is cherished every single day
The one that you thank God for, as you kneel down and pray
Capturing moments of loved ones is of great importance
But so is capturing a person’s confidence
Or to put those products in their best light
To stand out above everything else, to burn on bright
Photographs are part of our everyday life
It’s time to embrace it, to enjoy it and strive
To allow others to remember you tomorrow
As we know, time is not something we can steel or borrow
Cherish those memories with a frame held close to your heart
See it for what it is, a memory frozen, how great thou art
So stand there, laugh out loud and say cheese
And we will be there to make it a breeze
You won’t ever regret the time you let go and had fun
Even when you look back at the memory in your hands,
When all is said and done